Per Jensen

In 1957 Per Jensen was born. That was a good start. After his father was paroled in 1958 he scored a job as radio announcer, soon to be a household name. Especially in divorce court. This allowed Per access to much more music than anyone else, which also gave him an excellent income when he sold them alongside those idiotic brats going broke selling lemonade.

At the age of 11 his brother (AAA Marrz) passed off a rare and valuable guitar called a "Silvertone". Per soon learned that it wouldn't even make good firewood.. Still, the exploration of music began. The emergence of progressive rock caused major Influenza, but with the drugs necessary to heal he found the music an actual influence. Drugs would continue to influence, mostly to those trying to survive a MagellanMusic listening experience.

In 1975 MagellanMusic's first album was released, which was so bad that Per had to pay people to take one. It was this that inspired Per to keep playing, no matter what. It was either to drive the world insane or convince everyone that he was out of his mind as well as out of money. After 26 albums set a sales record of -5 per copy, CD's became the standard. and Per's great work continues. Presently he is researching the possibility of selling MagellanMusic CD's as Frisbee's, which he claims is a better reason to buy them.

Age: (born August 1957)
Birthplace: Paducah, Kentucky
Height: 5' 10"
Hair: Brown, curly
Eyes: Bloodshot
Favorite Artists: Yes, Pink Floyd, Genesis, King Crimson, Moody Blues, Alan Parsons Project, Vangelis, Klaatu, Mike Oldfield, and a plethora of others.

Derek Story

Derek Story wasn't exactly born, he had to crack himself out of a shell. He would later claim that he did it "...just for the shell of it..." but good that it actually worked. Derek has never told of his background the same way twice, but we suspect he was born in Texas and his father was an engineer for NASA. (Derek has sometimes said he was born on planet Neptune because Uranus was his worst enemy.) Later they moved to Florida, possibly because oranges were his favorite fruit besides his mother, but probably because of his fathers' work at Cape Canaveral. Derek called it Cape Carnival.

It was in the mid-70's when his Dad went to work at Union Carbide and they finally made a permanent home in Western Kentucky. As Derek was always a progressive rock fan (especially when under the influence of progressive drugs), it was a special time when he met Per Jensen and Bjorn Nei during their work on "Mikada Minn's Interpretation of Derek's Story". When they played it for him he seemingly turned to stone. Per and Bjorn couldn't snap him out of it, so they left him in the darkened room hoping he would survive. A week later, they returned to find him exactly as they'd left him. Suddenly he burst into life and ran to the nearest bathroom where the result was a challenge to the longest snake in the world. Soon after, Derek became a mainstay in MagellanMusic. His singing talent was good, his creativity was singular, and he felt he fit the group just fine. Almost as good as a prophylactic. Derek does well to this day.

Age: ?
Birthplace: ?
Height: 4' 21"
Hair: Yes
Eyes: All three aren't orange
Favorite Artists: Progressive ones, man, progressive ones

Ellis Dee

Ellis Dee was born in San Francisco in 1959 when his parents were 'Beatniks', the precursors of 'Hippies'. (They probably assumed that the 'Ellis' name would accurately describe the culture to come.) His father was a writer, and his mother was a copyrighter (not a copyright plagiarist) for a local newspaper, which is why Ellis remembers they never ran out of toilet paper. His parents had smoked 'Kool' for years, as well as Cannabis Sativa, so they assumed the 'cool' family life.

Ellis was also a music fan as far back as he can remember. He and his Dad loved jazz especially, but when the Beatles hit they didn't have enough Raid to repel them so he became a fan forever. It was mostly Ringo that got his attention. Ellis felt it was his unbreakable beat that brought it all together; he learned it by comparing Perry Como singing with Miles Davis. And unlike too many maniacally egotistical drummers with barely enough talent to fill a can of Coke, Ellis knew that it was the drummer of a band that was as important as the foundation of a house. He spent many years proving his point in becoming a great drummer but wasting time with too many 'nowhere men'.

After moving to Minneapolis In 1995, he happened to bump into Per Jensen at a music store where Per threatened to knock that battery off Ellis' shoulder. The obvious laughter created kinship that will always stay. Ellis loved MagellanMusic's creative, studio approach so much that it's the only work he does.

Age: April 1, 1959
Birthplace: San Francisco, CA
Height: 5' 10"
Hair: Light brown
Eyes: Blue
Favorite Artists: Ringo Starr/Beatles, Bill Bruford/Yes, Phil Collins/Genesis, many, many others.

Vladimir Zsoerbin

In 1953, Vlad was born under an assumed name (as well as a Zodiac sign not yet discovered), and at an early age he demonstrated an aptitude for creativity. Time at reform school demonstrated there was no stopping his aptitude, which led to an attitude problem (and an altitude problem because he got taller and had frequent nose bleeds). In the summer of 1973, Vlad broke his leg mowing the lawn (which takes talent since he was mimicking a Sheep), which lead him to discover a talent for music too. When a friend loaned him a guitar he began writing songs almost immediately, even before he knew what "chords" were. In spite of all the pleading, legal action, and threats of bodily injury to stop the raucous Vlad always ventured forth.

It was somewhere during this time that Vlad first met Per Jensen. They were only nodding acquaintances at this time (so drunk they could barely see each other from a distance of three feet), but would soon embark on a truly legendary fishing trip that would weather the slings and arrows of outrageous behavior and be sung in story and song (just like this overwhelming bullshit right here). Or did we mean friendship?

Sometime in the 1980's, Vlad achieved a world's "first" in joining MagellanMusic while they were on sabbatical. When they finally released another album, he was actually on it, another amazing "first"! He has appeared on others sporadically over the years, and is especially phond of Phanus, but so big a phan of MagellanMusic that he always has phun in all the phantastic things they do.

Age: Born in 1953, 1973, and 1988
Birthplace: Paduky
Height: Tall enough
Hair: Long enough
Eyes: Greyish-Greenish-Blueish-Purple
Favorite Artists: Shawn Phillips, Neil Young, James Taylor, Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, Pink Floyd, King Crimson, Yes, and 912 others.

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