Amariah Hession - Played on the first album but disappeared.until "R" in 1988. He played on all albums through A Strange Traffic of Dreams in 1997 then left to become an uptight middle class right-wing "shoot 'em first, ask questions later" redneck. He is currently preparing a theologic symposium on "How To Be A Home Hobbyist Musician". He's also the Chairman and President of the Oklahomoid Society.

AAA Marrz - a mainstay of MagellanMusic but lives life like a revolving door. Weirdest career in history (other than Eddie Gein). Besides gifted musical talent, he's been a bee-keeper, insect carcass collector, taxidermist, construction worker, a liquor retailer, a lick her fiend, a book restorer, and expected to be a Kentucky history buff especially regarding the psychological contradiction of mass whisky production yet being a 'dry' State. As well as the State known for it's beautiful horses and fast women. As well as the historical importance of a town called Butte Licke. His favorite hobby is pooping.

Bjorn Nei - An original member from 1975, but was involved with other projects such as "Mikada Minn" in 1976. Played on most of MagellanMusic's early albums but didn't reappear until Red Moon in 1989. Bjorn is very active in the music biz and today resides in the Los Angeles area. At last count Bjorn was playing with 12 different bands simultaneously.

Alexander Schull - Mainly a guitar player, Schull appeared on MagellanMusic's first 4 albums, departing before their breakthrough album Made. Schull was last seen in the Chicago area, still playing music, still including the occasional MagellanMusic song, still breaking copyright.

Jean-Pierre Goosens - The only French-Belgian to play with MagellanMusic, Jean-Pierre only lasted through the first two albums. Mainly responsible for electronic effects, he tired of the routine and soon moved on. Recent rumors say that he writes and teaches sound design from the Ohio Technical College, but he still can't speak English.

André Martin - Appeared on MagellanMusic's first two albums then disappeared. It's still unclear what André actually did. He was credited with percussion but may have been unofficially responsible for finding really good smoke. The world may never know.

Vladimir Zsoerbin - Joined MagellanMusic during their protracted sabbatical in the 1980's. He contributed some songs but was known mostly for his flair with graphics. Vladimir departed mysteriously during sessions in 1996, probably to retire to his den to munch on junk food and watch tv. He has returned to MagellanMusic but still suffers from serious Chronic Constipation. He says he likes Pennzoil 10W-30 for his frequent colonic irrigations.

Maarsen Von Der Saal - First appeared on Made in 1977 and quickly became a MagellanMusic mainstay. His vigorous bass playing was a trademark until his last album with the band, 1991's Magellan Live Performance. Maarsen just felt the need to actually get paid for a change.

Brian Dammage - Was sort of a fill-in when AAA went away to study mummification in 1992. He provided some singing and guitar work, but was always interested in getting to happy hour before it ended. He left in 1994 to join a German band, partly because German beer has high alcohol content, which is why Germany lost two World Wars (hiccup).

Jon Donson - Was there for MagellanMusic's big comeback effort in 1988 - R. He was one of the few live drummers to stay for more than a few tracks, and ended up staying for a few years. Jon left in 1991 to pursue session work, and almost appeared in Deep Throat 10, but his part wasn't long enough.

Renee Arnot - Appeared on only 2 albums in the late 1970's, but her work was good. She soon tired of the rigors of music and moved on to a career in business where she has been changing jobs ever since.

Pierre Cardin - Not the famous dress designer, but a notably unfamous guitarist/vocalist who played with MagellanMusic briefly in 1976 and 1977. He helped forment the notably infamous "Phanus Phallus Phobias." Last heard to be dedicating his life to the study of the mating habits of the Alaskan Silverfish.

Viktor Zond - Came along in 1991 to take over bass when Maarsen left. He was so good that it was easy to forget that anyone had left. Plus, he was really a nice guy. He moved on in 1995, joining a band and moving to Germany with Brian Dammage, where they were so successful they were never heard from again.

T.C. Cassini - Played keyboards in 1979/1980. Intelligent and personable, she returned to her work in academia in 1981. TC remarried in the mid-1980's and was last known to be studying the bathroom habits of chickens.

Hals Hansen-Jensen - Not related to Per, they just happened to be best friends. Hals provided studio and board work (on live gigs) mainly during the transition years of 1977/1978. Music wasn't really his thing so he eventually went into the distribution and sales of various illicit chemicals. Quite the provider.

Vince Pompanelli - A smart ass. Most notable for his work with Phanus Phallus Phobias, he still works with MagellanMusic regularly. He was most notable for his work with Phanus Phallus Phobias, also noted for hiding behind bushes and watching people (peeping through windows too).

Dan Van Damme - Never listed as an official member, Dan was a musical handyman. Playing everything in sight or handling recording duties, he never got the attention he deserved until he stated volunteering to do beer runs.

Pierre Sicbois - Still makes the occasional appearance, having debuted on Broadcast in 1992. He plays guitar and bass usually, but his greatest contribution was introducing MagellanMusic to Windsor Canadian. Good eye dude!

The Ig - The most bizarre character to ever play with the band. While an excellent guitarist he's still not aware that it's not 1970. His vocabulary is so mangled that he makes Yogi Berra look like a poet laureate.

Ellis Dee - First joined for Live From The Outer Limits, but quickly became indispensible. Rather quiet and introverted, Ellis seems to prefer doing his talking with his drums. When he sits behind his kit and plays he speaks in pure eloquence (which also hides his flair for creative flatulence).

Hironimous Bosch - Made a brief appearance on Who Watches The Watchers before returning permanently to his cell.

Dave Martine - Provides occasional voice work for MagellanMusic, first on Broadcast, and then again on Who Watches The Watchers. He's really good about that - give him lines and he'll read 'em. Snort 'em too.

Larry and Paul Borgdello - Helped out Phanus on the 15th Anniversary Collection. The two of them together equaled one fully-minded human and so went back to the deep woods of eastern Kentucky, never to be heard from again.

Bud Podbeelin - A guitarist, sort of, played with Phanus once, but felt that with the 3 chords he knew he was deserving of Eric Clapton's crown as "master guitarist." Bud is now playing at the Texaco station at I-35 & 90 near Norman, Oklahoma.

Hamish Snohomish - Pryed himself away from the bar long enough to do some strange sounds for Phanus. Liked having fun so much that he was considered a professional at it. Always left when "supplies" ran out.

Rex Nurvice - A crony of Vlad's. Thankfully, his home planet is still unknown.

Villesande Zsoerbin - Vlad's 1/3 brother.

Dirk Zsoerbin - Vlad's simultaneous younger brother and uncle.

Cy Kadellick - A new member, not much is known about Cy other than he's a guitar player from somewhere in the south. Rumor has it that he voted for Bill Clinton, but it's unsubstantiated. Reputed to have taken lots of LSD, but didn't swallow.

Syl O. Syben - Another new MagellanMusic member, Syl is a friend of The Ig. He's an excellent keyboard player, but alleged to be an excellent Mushroom and Peyote hunter. Syl's Chili recipe, which contains a special kind of mushroom, is so good that it's reputed to take you 'where no man has gone before'.

The Great Baab - sort of a strange character who changed his name from The Grape Baab when his favorite color wasn't purple anymore. He has been a recording engineer for years. As comfortable in a studio as Charles Manson is in prison.

Ein St. Ein - New cohort from Innisfree Graphics. Very intelligent, and named after the discoverer of E = MC2 equation of theoretic physics. So smart he finally figured out that a 'hog' is eaten, not kick-started.

Jerry Attrick - another graphic artist from Innisfree. He's very old but very good. So old that he remembers when Heinz only had 7 varieties.

Don K. Dikke - wouldn't touch it with a 10 foot pole.

Mary Wauna - A frequent visitor, sometimes likes to help with sundry needs, such as locating the rare chemical Tetrahydra Cannabinol. Singing is her best talent. Especially when receiving the repeated input of manhood.

StrangeGasCloud - an interesting sidenote; this was a name rejected by the soon-to-be StrangeCloud. It was eliminated after Amariah revived the unconscious members of the band after silently emitting what he called "Atomic Black Gas".

Frank N. Stein - His father Victor was a reputable physician but his license to practice was revoked from practicing too much on Frank. Frank is a nice guy, but looks weird. His head is so flat that he'll sit real still and pretend to be an ashtray stand. Frank does beer runs too; he's so strong he'll come back carrying an entire beer truck.

Sawyer Kokov - was an acquaintance of Derek's. Had been a carpenter but wanted to expand into the world of music. Until he accidentally eliminated his ability to have children. It was given to MagellanMusic in honor of the member that couldn't be.

Rotcha Kokov - Sawyer's brother was so excited to come to America that he decided to cum in America as often as possible. His stage name was Dixon Cox. At $1000 a performance he hoed his rows faster than a farmer. In only 2 weeks he made the Fortune 500 but soon ran dry. His final public (pubic) farewell was a statue in his honor called "His Last Erection".

Meska Lynne - Recommended for addition to the MagellanMusic entourage by close friends Ellis Dee, Syl O. Syben, Cy Kadellick, and Chu Pai Yoti. Good musician with an upbeat attitude. He survived serious parties from the early days with good results-he's still alive. The 'parties' were so incredible and legendary that attendees have no memory of them whatsoever.

Chu Pai Yoti - Intelligent fellow, as well as a superb musical handyman. A decent conversation with him is like listening to a college professor of Psychology. Except, responses to inquisitive observations in his life resemble an intellectual Congressional Fillibuster. Bandmates usually say, "Ha Chu! Gesundheit!" Then he shuts up.

Jesco Dilliken - probably the most intense MagellanMusic fan of all. He has at least 3 copies of everything they ever released. When the Disco era hit and the Prog Rock scene faded he was enraged. So angry that between 1978 and 1981 more than 500 guys last seen wearing light blue leisure suits, necklaces, 3 inch 'stack' shoes, and 'mood rings' disappeared without a trace. That's why he earned the nickname Jesco 'Killigan' Dilliken.

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